Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Town of Orland's tax year and tax due dates?  The Orland tax year is July 1st to June 30th. The tax bills are sent to property owners in July with the 1st half due September 30th, and the 2nd half due March 31st.

What do you need to register a vehicle?  For a reregistration we will need mileage and proof of insurance. For a Dealer sale new registration, we will need the blue title application, a bill of sale showing sales tax has been paid, proof of insurance, and if the vehicle was never previously titled, we will the need the maroney lablel/window sticker. For a Private sale new registration, we will need the title properly completed, a bill of sale, and proof of insurance. If you are new to our municipality: If you are from another town in Maine, we will also need proof of residency and your previous registration in addition to the mileage and proof of insurance. If you are new to Maine, we will need proof of residency, the title or lien holder information, the previous registration, mileage, and proof of Maine insurance.

What do you need for Marriage License?  We will need to see identification, and if you were previously married we will need the most recent divorce decree or the death certificate. The marriage license is $40. There is no waiting period once you receive marriage license.

What do you need to use the Transfer Station?  The transfer station is for Orland residents only, and proof of residency is required to use the facility. Orland residents are required to show the attendant the vehicle registration to prove residency, and the attendant will affix a Transfer Station Sticker to the vehicle. Only residential trash may be discarded at the Transfer Station.