Leading Men, Ship Builders & Professionals

Joseph Lee, the first town clerk and chairman of the first board of selectmen, was the most influential man in town at the time. He belonged to the famous Virginia family. John Hancock, the first town treasurer, was a cousin to Governor Hancock. Samuel Keyes and Abraham Ginn were leading men in the new town. Moses Trussell, was later sent to the Massachusetts Legislature, and also filled many offices of trust in the town. Horatio Mason represented Orland in Portland, in 1819, at the framing of the State Constitution.

Samuel Keyes built the first vessel in town at the Upper Falls. Samuel P. Brown, of Blue Hill, a general business man erected many of the houses of Orland Village, built ships and brigs and developed several industries. He removed to Washington, D. C. as Navy Agent. John Buck and his son, John A. Buck, Aaron P. Emerson, Henry Partridge and Geo. Partridge were among later ship builders in Orland.

The name of Dr. John Herbert is mentioned among the earliest settlers. He was an early school master and probably same of a physician. He lived on the Castine Road, and died April 28, 1852. Jonathan And Wm. Henderson, brothers were early physicians. Dr. Nathan Emerson was here in 1850, and earlier. He received an appointment as clerk at Washington. Dr. Alpheus Page removed to Bucksport. Drs. Eastman and Gray were here a short time. Robert. T. Osgood, a business man and a dentist. Also practiced medicine some. Dr. John Wardwell practiced dentistry and medicine at East Orland. Dr. Geo. A. Wheeler located at Orland before the Civil War. He became an Army surgeon and later removed to Castine. Dr. Willard C. Collins removed to Bucksport in 1866. Dr. F. H. Chase, an army lieutenant, located here after the war, removed to Bangor in 1882, where he died. Dr. Frank P. Perry succeeded Dr. Chase. Dr. R. H. Croxford came in 1891, removed to Brewer in 1905, and was succeeded by, Dr. C. W. Brown. Dr. Brown came from Livermore Falls, a graduate of the University of Maine in 1877 and of the University of the City of New York in 1878.