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Seeking Volunteers for a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee

Orland Selectmen Establishing a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee

The Orland Board of Selectmen are seeking volunteers for a designated advisory committee to oversee Orland’s newly adopted comprehensive plan. The Board will appoint five voting members that will be representative of the Town.

The Committee’s mission is to organize, prioritize, and collaborate on goals and objectives identified in the Plan and serve as advisors for citizen Plan-related initiatives. Current Town needs and financial capacity and citizen input will be factored in. Its mission also involves keeping our Plan continually relevant and encourage its consultation when new Town policies, or revising or creating new ordinances are proposed.

This is a great opportunity to get involved in YOUR town and creating a better future for all.

If you are interested, let us know by calling the Orland Town Office at (207) 469-3186, or email us at [email protected]